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Moncton Muslim Association:

Moncton Muslim association was formed in 2000. The goal of the association was to serve the needs of local Muslim community. Within 5 years association was able to build a mosque, the first and only mosque in the Greater Moncton area. Current goal of the association is to run the Mosque , provide opportunities of Islamic leaning, facilitate social events and help local Muslim community as well as the general community of Moncton.

Association is run by Executive Board consisting of 5 members, President, Voice President, Treasurer, Secretary and past president. Board is elected by members of the association. Currently any Muslim living in Moncton area or surroundings or a Muslim convert living for at least 1 year after converting to Islam in Moncton area or surroundings can apply for membership.

Local Community:

Moncton the hub city of the Maritimes, situated in southeastern New Brunswick, within the Petitcodiac River Valley. Metro Moncton or Greater Moncton Area incorporates the City of Moncton, Town of Riverview and City of Dieppe . According to the recent census metropolitan area has a population of 126,424. It is the only officially bilingual province in Canada.

It has a population of about 300 Muslims (no exact figures are available). The community consists of working professional, businessmen and students at University De Moncton.

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